For years, out of various plants, I have been weaving nests for people. Most often, I hang them on trees. This project came into being out inspiration by the nest of penduline tit and the wicker sculptures of Krzysztof Wrona, as well as out of my fascination with weaving as such. The nests have various shapes. What they all share is the use of natural material, organic form and the dream to live on trees. I think of the nests as a place of play and a tool for building ecological awareness of children. I want to take the project up to the point when you can live in the nests through the warmer part of the year. 



Works rooted in the landscape, using various materials. Trying to realize a vision coming from somewhere between a dream and an inspiration by the specific site.




Mainly in two techniques, woven from wax and then cast in bronze and also hand drawings on plain medals





My self-devised plaster printing technique I have been developing since 2015. In a more or less consciously shaped stain, a plaster blot, there are dormant inspirations, like in the shapes of clouds or cracks in wall plaster. It is a kind of a primeval playground (or gym) for the imagination.