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Are these lichen of an unknown species? Or maybe the way someone decorated the trees in the sacred grove?

In this project, I am once again trying to create discreet, minimalist jewelry for nature. What is the meaning of jewelry? It seems to me that pay attention to the existing beauty, but so common to us that invisible. Sometimes a small intervention, underlining, a dot above and above is enough to make us pay attention to it, after which we have long glanced through our eyes.

I see sense in art which, through gentle treatments, emphasizes the beauty of nature, pays homage to it, matching the existing landscape and the atmosphere of the place.

Here I stuck painted and unpainted tacks into the outer, thick and dead layer of oak bark. I made circles from them - mandalas, resembling concentric lichen spots. I like to compose of many elements, I care about the look covering the whole situation, seeing at the same time the forest around, greenery, the rhythm of powerful trees and circles on these trees, smaller and larger, less and more visible, located at different heights, slipping closer and farther, sometimes partially obstructed. I want to awaken the feeling of uniqueness and mysticism of the place.

The forest is located in the village of Chłopków, near Platerów

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