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About me

Born in 1987. Studied in the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of University of Warsaw and in the Department of Sculpture of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Diploma in 2016 in the studio of Professor A.J. Pastwa. Works in many materials, practices sculpture, drawing, printmaking, landart, weaving from various plants tree nests for humans.

Chosen Realisations/Exhibitions:

  • "Magic Forest" landart, Tandzaver village, Armenia 2019
  • Exhibition "Wiklina w Arboretum", Bolestraszyce 2019

  • Landart Festiwal, Podlaski Przełom Bugu, 2019
  • Kunstroute Kyllburg, Kullburg, 2019
  • Artistic residence in Kilombo Tenonde in Bahia, Brasil, supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, 2018-2019
  • Hammerhad shark recycled plastic sculpture for National Geographic "Planet or plastic" action, Akwarium, Gdańsk, 2018

  • Sea Turtle recycled plastic sculpture for National Geographic "Planet or plastic" action, Warsaw Zoo, 2018

  • Dolers Landart exhibition, Dendermonde, Belgium, 2018

  • "Dla Wierzby", artistic sholarship of the city of Warsaw, park Fosa Cytadeli, Warsaw, 2018 

  • Landart Festiwal, Stary Bubel, 2017

  • Exhibition „5 tons of sculpture from Orońsko”, Warsaw 2017

  • Exhibition „Do or Die”, gallery Lokal 30, Warsaw 2017

  • Festiwal of Arts „City of the stars”, Żyrardów 2017

  • Exhibition of awarded diplomas „Coming out”, Warsaw 2016

  • Exhibition „Dialogues”, University of Warsaw Botanical Garden 2016

  • Exhibition of metal sculpture „1000C in sculpture”, Łódź, 2016

  • Exhibition „Full immersion”, Sztuczna foundation, Warsaw 2016

  • Village Theater Festiwal, Wgajty, 2015,2016,2017

  • Nests hanging in the garden of the Leśniczówka, site of the „Odnowica” association – every summer

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